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Hydration Tips For Runners in the Summer - 6AM RUN

Hydration Tips For Runners in the Summer

Hydration Tips For Runners in the Summer

If you are outside running this summer, you need to read these hydration tips for runners. Taking care of your body and hydrating is essential.

Hydration Tips For Runners in the Summer

In the summer months, climbing temperatures can make outdoor exercise more strenuous and even potentially hazardous, especially an outdoor exercise like running. Fortunately, measures can be taken to prevent heat-related problems like dehydration, exhaustion, and cramps and ensure that the summer months are both enjoyable and healthful for runners. The easiest way to stay hydrated especially during the summer is to drink before you get thirsty, all muscles including your heart require fluids to work efficiently.

The heat index in Florida today is over 100 degrees. That’s not just warm, it’s H-O-T. We mean really hot. But we still need to get outside for my regular exercise, and I need to be smart about it. Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s even more so in the hot summer months.  So to help keep all our fellow runners running we wanted to share some tips that will help with hydration and staying healthy.

Here are hydration tips for runners (actually all athletes):

Understanding The Value Of Hydration

Maintaining adequate levels of hydration is the single most important measure to take in preventing heat injuries and drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day, and while running is crucial in higher temperatures. Drinking plenty of fluids before exercise (Like our HydraBLAST, then a cupful every 10-15 minutes while running. It is best to either bring along water or to plan a running route that passes several water fountains.

After running, replace fluids with both water and a recovery drink, such as OUR TRACK FUEL AND HydraBLAST, which replenishes the body’s electrolytes and carbohydrates that were lost through sweat. It is important to note that beer, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks do not count toward the suggested 6-8 glasses of water per day, as both alcohol and caffeine are diuretics that contribute to overall fluid loss. So, drink your water and replenish needed nutrients with Protein for Smoothies.

The overall benefits of hydration include: reduces daily fatigue, hydration promotes better performance, agility, and reaction time, ensures proper regulation of body temperature and being properly hydrated decreases daily stress on heart and reproves recovery time.

Allow Yourself To Get Acclimatized

In addition to hydration, several other factors are also important in maintaining a healthy jogging regimen in the summertime, the first being acclimatization. It takes at least two weeks of consistent running in heat and humidity for the body to adjust to warmer temperatures. It is best for runners to be patient in the early weeks, and even throughout the summer as they adjust their regimen to new conditions.