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Eliminate fatigue, minimize injury risks, and elevate energy levels. In contrast to conventional energy drinks that may include hazardous stimulants, Sprint is designed for high-intensity training and ensures safety. Developed by 6am Run, a trusted brand in runner's nutrition, Sprint has consistently held its position as a top performer on our best sellers list. Sprint is Suitable for short distance runs or take it as an energy boost during extended runs.

  • Clean Cardio Energy
  • Maximum Endurance Formula
  • Creatine Enhanced
  • Optimized Nitric Oxide Generation
  • Mental Focus & Clarity
  • Enhanced Absoption
  • 100% Lab Tested for Purity and Potency
  • 30 Servings Per Container
  • Available In 3 Delicious Flavors

Why Use Sprint?

  • Sustained Clean Cardio Energy: Engineered to deliver a sustained and clean energy boost during your cardio workouts, Sprint guarantees enhanced stamina and vitality, allowing you to power through your runs effortlessly.
  • Creatine Enhanced for Performance:  Benefit from the performance-enhancing properties of creatine integrated into Sprint. This not only supports your endurance but also aids in maximizing your overall workout performance.
  • Optimized Nitric Oxide Generation: Experience improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles with our Nitric Oxide Generation feature. This not only contributes to better endurance but also promotes efficient nutrient transport for enhanced recovery.

6am Run assures the effectiveness of all our products. If you're not satisfied for any reason, simply follow our return instructions, and we'll promptly refund your money no questions asked.

Made For Runners
The market is saturated with products for bodybuilders, while runners have limited options when it comes to pre-workouts. Many pre-workouts and energy drinks, designed for bodybuilders, contain stimulants unsuitable for cardio-intensive exercises. Consequently, we witness an alarming number of marathoners experiencing strokes and heart attacks during intense runs. Sprint was developed with the aim of providing a safe yet potent all-in-one formula for energy and hydration, catering to all athletes without the risks associated with common off-the-shelf energy drink stimulants.
Designed by Runners
Crafted by runners for runners, 6am Run products are tailored to meet the distinct needs of the running community. We are dedicated to producing safe and effective solutions, ensuring not only a competitive advantage but also supporting your enduring journey through countless runs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the energy ingredients in Sprint?

Caffeine derived from Green Tea
How can I get the most out of Sprint?

Take 30 minutes before performing any high intensity training.

Does Sprint, cause jitters or caffeine crash?

No. Sprint is 100% derived from natural ingredients. If  dosed correctly users should experience a surge in energy and eases out gentlyso you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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