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MARATHON (All in 1 & BEST Seller)

The Formula that put Nutrition on EVERY Daily Runners Radar. Our ALL IN ONE MARATHON Formula.


You love to run, and we have the ultimate drink for any distance. The MARATHON formula will help you give it your all on race day-- go out with confidence knowing that our clean blend of amino acids and free form BCAA's will not just keep you running strong all morning, but continue to deliver energy throughout day!


Marathon is a delicious training drink combining twelve free-form BCAA/Amino Acids  plus green tea Energy Blend to help you run longer with energy and focus! Our secret 12 unique Amino blend formula is key for Energy, Recovery and Daily Focus.


  • 10hr+ Clean Energy
  • Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Post Run Recovery
  • 12 Unique Aminos/BCAA (5000MG)
  • 175mg Energy Blend (Green tea)
  • 100% Lab Tested with Proven Results
  • Great Tasting
  • 100%  Money Back Guaranteed
Delicious Flavors:

Raspberry Tea & Peach Mango Flavors

Serving Size: 30 Scoop, 9.0oz

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