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4 Fat Burning Workouts on the Treadmill - 6AM RUN

4 Fat Burning Workouts on the Treadmill

4 Fat Burning Workouts on the Treadmill

There are several types of treadmill workouts that you can choose from, depending on which exercises you prefer and which body goals you set for yourself. One great way to start all your workouts is by doing some warm-up exercises and some stretching to get your body ready for physical effort.

  • Warm-up: A short warm-up walking on the treadmill will activate your breath and circulation and will make your muscles feel looser and more flexible. You can walk for about 7 minutes at a speed of 3-5 km/h without incline. A good warm-up routine before all your workouts will significantly lower the risk of injuries.
  • Stretching: It isn’t true that stretching is only useful after training. After some warm-up walking, step off your treadmill to stretch your leg muscles a bit, especially quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Burn Fat by Alternating Running and Walking

A first type of fat burning treadmill workout is based on alternating between running and walking. This is a great way to prevent your training from becoming too dull and monotonous, because the pace and intensity change often and quickly.

Running-Walking treadmill workout:

  • 5 min walking warm-up at 4-6 km/h
  • 1 min jogging at 11 km/h
  • 3 min walking at 5,5 km/h at 5% incline
  • 1 min jogging 1t 11 km/h at 5% incline
  • 3 min walking at 5 km/h at 8% incline
  • 1 min jogging 9 km/k at 8% incline
  • 5 min cooldown walking at 4 km/h

Burn Fat with an Inclined Treadmill

Talking about incline, working out on an inclined treadmill is a great way to burn fat. Though it might not be for everyone (hill workouts are very intense), training at a raised incline is very effective, because it allows you to get your heart rate up to a higher level at lower speeds.

Treadmill incline workout

  • 10 min warm-up at 0% incline
  • 25 min with the incline set to 3-8%, walking to fast-paced walking
  • 5 min cooldown walking at 0% incline

30 Minute Fat Burning Treadmill Workout

Workouts with a fixed duration are the best to fit into a weekly (or even daily) fitness routine. When you have the feeling of having no time to work out, just remind yourself that it will take only 30 minutes of your day!


  • 2 min walking warm-up + 3 min easy jogging warm-up at 0% incline
  • Return to walking pace and turn your body to the side, get low in a squat position and do side stepping for 30 sec. Repeat after turning to the other side.
  • 2 min easy-paced running
  • Continue with 2 minutes easy running to be alternated with 30 sec of side shuffles (alternating sides) until you’ve been at it for 20 minutes
  • 5 min cooldown walking at 0% incline

Fat Burning Treadmill Interval Workout

If your goal is to burn calories through some high-intensity training, the best way to liven things up is by adding some HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Treadmill workouts to your fitness routine. With HIIT treadmill workouts, you’ll be alternating short bursts of intense, all-out work (either with speed, incline, or a combo of both) with less intense recovery intervals. Intensity work will gradually increase the volume of oxygen your body is able to consume during intense exercise, while the lower intensity work will build your baseline.


  • 5 min warm-up off the treadmill: dynamic drills like high knees, hip openers, and butt kicks, followed by 3 minutes of easy jogging at 0% incline
  • 30-second run at 80% effort
  • 30-second walk at 20% effort
  • (repeat 10 times)
  • 2 min jog at a conversational pace to recover
  • Repeat the 30-seconds run/30-seconds walk block 10 more times
  • 3 min cooldown walking