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I didn't expect it to end this way.. - 6AM RUN

I didn't expect it to end this way..

I didn't expect it to end this way..

I didn't expect it to end this way.. Yes, 2021 is closing, and today the 6AM Run Offices, and Warehouse in Wilmington DE, seems so quiet. Many of us are wrapping loose ends up, and preparing for the holiday weekend with our loved ones. I truly hope you all have the Merriest Holiday & New Year!

For us it doesn't stop.. While 2020 still gives me an eye twitch even typing this, 2021 had so many ups and downs for me. The biggest ups however continue to be this thing we call 6AMRun.co

I finished a FREAKING Marathon because of YOU! YES, I RAN 26.2 MILES! This community PUSHED me! We launched a nationally hosted Podcast, our FB Group is so close to 20K members and SO MUCH more. 

* I need to thank my family here for letting me start this, and while I work hard to set an example for them, 6AM Runners Victories KEEP ME GOING DAILY!

With that said there are now so many things I can not do alone, and I need your help. The world is changing and now more than ever PEOPLE NEED EVERYTHING 6AMRun.com offers. Our products, community support, education material and more!

For example, We MUST do a 2022 Run Challenge! But I would love a 6AMRunner to set this up, & create the rules! Any Ideas?

Next, we need IG Reel/Tik Tok runners, Content Creators, Influencers, Ambassadors, and more! Anyone interested in being part of this company and taking over our IG/Tik Tok?

Well here is how..

Do you want to earn CASH and be an ambassador? Simply click: https://6amrun.referralcandy.com and sign up! - Or.. Do you have a detailed idea for a January 2022 or 2022 RUN Challenge? Marketing, Sales, Content Creation and that world is your thing, I NEED HELP! So, EMAIL ME! Send your detailed thoughts, a number and time we can talk to: 


Again, thank you all so much, and happy holidays!

Hami, Mahani Family & 6AM Run TEAM!