Have you tried weighted running?

So.. Have you tried weighted running?  Pressure makes diamonds, and we suppose that’s the general idea behind weighted running. When used correctly and in a limited capacity, adding weight while you run can be beneficial.  The first question we’ve got to answer is: Why add weights in the first place? By increasing the demand on your body, you’re able to strengthen bones and ligaments beyond their normal capacity. That can lead to a higher top speed and better posture over time. You’ve got to be strategic about the way you approach it, though, or else you risk injury. Long runs aren’t the best place for weights, as the repeated wear on your joints and high possibility of a rolled ankle or other injury outweigh the benefits. Instead, consider using weights for a hill or interval workout; something short and sweet. Additionally, you’ve got to be careful about where you add the weight. Running with a heavy backpack is a popular option, but it can disrupt your natural form. Adding weight to the ankles, or holding dumbbells as you run is a far less invasive technique. Weighted running can be hugely beneficial, but you should understand the risks and safety precautions before you try it yourself. 

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