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BCAA Gummy Bear Recipe - 6AM RUN

BCAA Gummy Bear Recipe

BCAA Gummy Bear Recipe

CLICK: https://youtu.be/_VuWYVBRWOo

Gummy Bear Recipe using “FinishLine”

Want to eat your BCAA’s instead of drink them? Check out this video for a delicious recipe & tutorial on how to make BCAA Gummy Bears using our “Finish Line” product! The recipe is easy and super fun! Don’t miss out on this delicious post workout recovery treat!


*Follow instructions shown on video with ingredients below!

(You will need a gummy bear mold) *I found mine on Amazon!

-2/3 Cup BCAA Drink (already mixed)

-2 TBSP Gelatin powder

-1 TBSP water

-3 TBSP Sugar Free Syrup or honey