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Core Strength for Runners - 6AM RUN

Core Strength for Runners

Core Strength for Runners

Running is actually one of the best core exercises. Running strengthens your core musculature and can also help torch calories which will burn more fat making your core muscles even more visible. There are different types of runs and whether you are a hobby jogger or running at an intense level, I think all different types can be beneficial for you and help work different abdominal muscles.

There is LISS training which stands for Low Intensity Steady State runs. These are the longer, slower, more steady paced runs.

There is HIIT training which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is interval type training and can include shorter reps/speed work or longer intervals and tempo runs.

There is also hill training which includes hill repeats or just simply picking up the hills during a run.

Different types of runs can target different parts of your core! While running is such a good core workout, it goes both ways! It can also help with your running to do some core work in addition to your runs. Having a strong core can also help with posture which can help improve your running overall as well.

It can take only 5-10 minutes to get a good core workout in. It is important to focus on building a strong overall core rather than just focusing on one part specifically. There are many parts of your core and it can be broken down in many ways but I break it up into 3 main parts- upper abdominals, lower abdominals and obliques. When I build a core routine I try to make sure I get at least one exercise for each.

Like with any type of exercise, I recommend starting light and building up from there. I would start with adding some core work once or twice per week and eventually building up to about 5 days per week.

A good example workout is-


40 crunches (upper abdominals)

20 v ups (lower abdominals)

30 leg lifts (lower abdominals)

40 (total) russian twists (obliques)

1 minute plank with alternating hip dips (little bit of all 3!)

Written By 6AM Writer & Sponsored Runner: Annie Noffsinger of Anniekayfitness.com Instagram- @anniekayfitness

Photo by: Andrew Wheating