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“Daylight Savings” STINKS!

“Daylight Savings” STINKS!

“Daylight Savings” STINKS!

We are willing to bet today you have an EXTREME case of the Mondays. As you know this past Sunday, clocks “Sprang Forward” one hour for Daylight Savings Time.

Daylight savings can affect runners. The change in time can disrupt sleep patterns, which can in turn affect energy levels and motivation for running. In addition, the change in time can also affect the amount of daylight available for running, with some runners finding it more challenging to run in the dark. However, with some adjustments to training schedules, sleep routines, and hydration and nutrition, runners can minimize the impact of daylight savings and continue to enjoy their runs.

Gradual Adjustment: Start by gradually adjusting your sleep schedule by 15-30 minutes every night a few days before daylight saving time begins. This can help your body gradually adapt to the change in time and help you feel more alert during your runs.

Wake Up Early: On the first few days after the time change, try waking up 15-30 minutes earlier than you normally would to help your body adjust to the new time. This can also help you get your runs done earlier in the day and avoid running in the dark.

Adjust Your Training Schedule: If you typically run in the evenings, try switching to morning runs for a few days after the time change. This can help you adjust to the new time and also help you get your runs in before it gets too hot.

Hydrate and Fuel Properly: Make sure you are properly hydrated and fueled before your runs, especially if you are running in the morning when your body may not be used to it. Staying hydrated and fueled can help you feel more energized and alert during your runs.

Be Flexible: Be flexible with your training schedule during the first week after the time change. If you are feeling particularly tired or sluggish, it may be better to take a rest day or do a shorter, easier run.

Get Plenty of Sunlight: Exposure to natural sunlight can help regulate your body's internal clock and help you adjust to the time change. Try to get outside for your runs or spend time outside during the day to help your body adjust to the new time.

We hope THESE 6 tips help push you through the week! 

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