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Running is the best remedy now more than ever! - 6AM RUN

Running is the best remedy now more than ever!

Running is the best remedy now more than ever!

There is a lot of unknown in the world right now… a lot of fear, a lot of helplessness, a lot of anxiety, a lot of sadness, and a lot of disappointment. 

Many of the things we love have been cancelled. But, running has not been cancelled! Whether it is on your treadmill at home or outside, you can still run!  

That is one of the most beautiful things about running. They can close the gyms, but we can still run. Running is one of the few sports where you do not need any equipment! Just you and a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. I truly love all sports but when you are a runner you don’t need to get a team together to accomplish your goals.   

It is well known that running can help with depression, anxiety and sadness, things that are all too familiar feelings in these hard times. 

Running can help clear your head and is often a great stress reliever. 

Running can be your “me time.” It is just you and the road. For me, it is truly an indescribable feeling and very therapeutic for many. You may have heard some people talk about the “runners high.” It is a euphoric feeling that cannot really be described until you feel it. When you run, it releases a chemical in your body called endorphins. Once those chemicals are released you start to feel that euphoric feeling which can lead you to feel happier and more positive. 

For many people, the hardest part of running is usually getting started. Once you lace your shoes up and get going, the rest falls into place. You will probably not always feel motivated. That is okay and very natural. Try and find discipline. Discipline will get you further. 

Run for YOU! It helps you stay active and helps rev that metabolism up. It gets you outside and can help you live a healthier and happy life. Running just simply feels good. 

Even if it is just one mile, the benefits are still there. So lace those shoes up and give it a try.  

Written By 6AM Writer & Sponsored Runner: Annie Noffsinger of Anniekayfitness.com