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Memorial Day 2024

Memorial Day 2024

Memorial Day holds a special place in the hearts of many as a day of remembrance and gratitude for those who have served and sacrificed for our country. It's a time to honor the brave men and women who have fought to protect our freedoms and values.

At 6AMRun.com, we understand the significance of this day and the connection it has to the running community. Running is not just a physical activity; it's a symbol of endurance, strength, and determination. Many runners find solace and inspiration in the act of running, pushing themselves to new limits and overcoming challenges along the way.

As we gear up for this Memorial Day weekend, we want to encourage everyone to lace up their running shoes and hit the pavement. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or just starting out on your running journey, there's no better time to get out and run in honor of those who have served our country.

We're excited to announce a few special promotions for this special weekend at 6AMRun.com.

First, Promo Code:  MD25  is LIVE, and 25% OFF EVERYTHING!

Second.. RUN THIS WEEKEND! Since many also view this Special Holiday Weekend as a summer kickoff, let's start it RIGHT! Go RUN, then text & share your run app links, a picture of yourself running in Red, White, and Blue, or your latest order number with us (via text to: 302-200-4923)! You will immediately receive a 6AMRun.com $10 online e-gift card as a token of our appreciation.

And.. Not only that, but 6AMRun.com will also be donating a portion of proceeds from this Memorial Day weekend to a charity dedicated to supporting fallen veterans and those currently serving in the military.

So, let's come together as a running community this weekend to show our support, honor our heroes, and make a difference. Remember, with 6AMRun.com's unique blend of Amino Acids, Proteins, and clean green tea, you can run faster, longer, and recover quicker to keep chasing your running goals. Thank you to all who have served, and happy Memorial Day weekend!