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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

Today to help spread his message, mission and honor Dr. Kings memory; PROMO CODE:  MLK23  is 23% OFF EVERYTHING!

Many of you know, I am a son of immigrants, born here in the USA, making me first generation US Citizen. While my parents and I agree the move here was the greatest thing, there is no question as a minority person there are struggles. We all can do better.. and BE BETTER at accepting differences, and be INCLUSIVE!

Since learning of Dr. Martin Luther King early on in elementary school, he became a hero to me. As I got older, this day became more important. I choose daily actions to help carry his purpose, and mission.

Becoming a fan of sports, physical fitness, and running, there is no question my FAVORITE Dr. King quote is:

"If you cant Fly then Run, if you cant Run then Walk, if you cant Walk then Crawl, but whatever you do you have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD."

Martin Luther King Jr. day is not directly related to exercise for better health, but it is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of promoting health equity for all. Dr. King's message of equality and justice can be applied to the concept of healthcare, including the importance of regular physical activity for maintaining good health. Regular exercise has numerous benefits for physical and mental health, including reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, improving mood, and increasing longevity. However, access to safe and affordable places to exercise, especially in communities of color, can be limited, and addressing these disparities can improve the overall health of these communities. Observing Martin Luther King Day is a reminder to work towards promoting health equity and increasing access to physical activity for all.

Here at 6AMRun you know we are and use the word COMMUNITY endlessly. What I am MOST proud of is the faces of our 6AM Run COMMUNITY define Dr. Kings messages and purpose of INCLUSIVITY. Let us not waiver.