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Explore your LOVE-HATE relationship with CAFFEINE - 6AM RUN

Explore your LOVE-HATE relationship with CAFFEINE

Explore your LOVE-HATE relationship with CAFFEINE

…this is the story which starts with DATING then… falling in LOVE and finally BREAKING-UP with CAFFEINE…AND eventually marrying the RIGHT Person aka the right kind of CAFFEINE!

Are you FRUSTRATED? -- Struggling to understand whether Caffeine is GOOD or BAD for health...

There are hundreds of research studies being done on Caffeine. The Internet has a plethora of data about it. But where to start from?

Is Caffeine Cognitive and Physical Performance Enhancer?




Before, we dive in deep. Let’s understand few basic things here:


What is Caffeine?

It is a drug that stimulates your central nervous system causing increased alertness by boosting your energy and elevating your mood.

What is the difference between Natural and Synthetic Caffeine?

Now, this is IMPORTANT! (few nerdy facts...)

Natural Caffeine – It is naturally found in 60 different types of plants. Coffee and Tea are two prime examples of caffeinated beverages.

Synthetic Caffeine – One of the most popular sources of Synthetic Caffeine is Chinese pharmaceutical plants. It is also sourced using a raw material – UREA. As it is chemically produced, it is quite harsh on the human body and has many side effects.

Now that, we have more clarity on Caffeine and its types. The second thing, we need to do is try to define our relationship with Caffeine.

Imagine Caffeine as most desirable (metaphorically):

*hot girl*


*hot boy*

Seriously! Do it!

What kind of relationship do you want to have with this person? Hot, Sexy, Smooth, and Healthy, right?

I know what you’re thinking. What the hell? Aren’t we talking about Caffeine here? What’s wrong with you?

I know I KNOW. Bear with me for a second.

So, you have met this *hot girl* or *hot boy* and immediately in your mind, you start desiring for them. You’re smitten! ooh, la la...

So, you approach this person and everything goes well and you invite him/her for the first date.

First Date (pretty excited about your first date...Huh!)

Yes, we’re still talking about Caffeine here.

Do you remember how you felt when you consumed your first caffeine beverage? – That jolt of energy, thrill you have experienced

Now, this is critical. As this is the first date. Let’s establish some ground rules. To avoid any further repercussions.  

*No Toxicity* - Nobody likes toxic people in their life. Imagine on your first date you realize that this person is toxic. Would you still be interested in dating this person? No, right?

Similarly, before you consume any caffeine-related products. The first thing you need to check is its ingredients – whether the caffeine is natural or synthetic.

What do you think? Which one is better – Natural or Synthetic Caffeine?

Of course, natural is always better. Here’s why? Natural Caffeine is present in the form of vitamins and methylxanthines in plants which helps in promoting a more sustainable energy boost enabling mental clarity and focus for a longer duration compared to synthetic caffeine.  

As synthetic caffeine is absorbed quickly into your body, you will experience a quicker spike, giving you the energy you crave faster than that of naturally sourced caffeine. But the quicker it spikes, the faster it crashes. Also, the possibility of contamination can be very high in synthetic caffeine as it is chemically processed. Naturally sourced caffeine will provide for longer, sustained energy without any major side-effects.

*Expectations* - We all know unrealistic expectations can kill any relationship. Setting expectations right from the first day is super important for a long sustainable relationship.

What are your expectations from Caffeine? Are they realistic? How can you set clear expectations from Caffeine?

  • Sustainable energy – Yes, natural caffeine unlike synthetic caffeine is meant to provide you with sustainable energy
  • Boosts your running performance – Many Olympic athletes use caffeine before they run. Many studies have shown that Caffeine boosts running performance, improves your endurance, and increases your stamina. Whether you’re a professional runner or just enjoy running, 6AM Run is one such product containing all-natural caffeine that is helping thousands of people in boosting their running performance. Click here to learn more about it.
  • Uplift your mood – We all have low moments in our life. Caffeine if taken within restricted quantities can help in uplifting your mood. Let's understand the science behind it. Caffeine stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine indeed produces euphoria and pleasant feelings that people often associate with their first cup of coffee in the morning. Therefore, you feel much better and motivated after inducing caffeine into your system.
  • Fat Burning -  As they say, “Healthy body leads to a healthy mind”, Caffeine can boost your resting metabolic rate by 3-11% leading to more fat burning and losing your body weight. Yes, it works!


Inseparable Phase (aka joined at the hip)

So, you met this girl or boy – went on the first date. You’re smitten. Now comes the inseparable phase, where you keep thinking about this person. You keep giving yourself excuses to be with this person.  

I know what you’re thinking.

Is being inseparable good or bad?

How much is too much?

The answer is “Balance”.

Now, what the hell is this “Balance”?

There are no set rules on how much time you should spend with your partner, but there are few things you need to be careful with:

- Overstepping on the individual goals of your partner

- Don’t make them feel claustrophobic

- Crazily overexposing yourself  

- Not giving them all the necessary space - #metime

As long as you’re thinking about the above points, you can have a long and smooth relationship. This way you can achieve that balance in your relationship.

Romantic relationships cannot be categorized into binary numbers. However, with caffeine, you have set numbers. Consuming up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day has proven to be safe for most healthy adults. As long as you’re abiding by these limits, you can enjoy the benefits of caffeine without affecting your health.

Falling in LOVE (all unicorns - all roses

Then, there comes the time, when you fall in love or you believe that you have fallen for someone.

To date, there is no scientific mechanism or love meter equipment to authenticate your love. Many scientists have defined love as an emotion where you get blindsided and your judgment gets weaker.

Now, if you’re a person, falling in love with another person is natural and makes perfect sense. But the moment you fall in love with a thing, you need to approach it very differently.

Like Caffeine - One day you realize you cannot live without Caffeine. You start treating it as a miracle drug, which can solve all the problems of your life.

You feel depressed. Get some caffeine

Emotional emptiness. Low self-respect. Give me one more cup of coffee.

Will caffeine that make the above things right for you? Of course NOT

Yes, caffeine can help you deal with the above situations. However, there is a very thin line you’re treading on, the moment you overstep and deviate from that line, you can harm yourself. Very BADLY sometimes!

Your health can take a serious toll from overconsumption of caffeine. More caffeine doesn’t proportionately boost your performance, on the contrary, it harms you, and you might experience some side effects like:  

- Anxiety

- Headaches

- Increased blood pressure

- Palpitations

- Nausea

- Restlessness

- Insomnia

So, when you consume caffeine within the recommended FDA guidelines which are not more than 400 grams a day, you can enjoy the benefits of caffeine.

Don’t be blindsided by your love for caffeine. 6AM Marathon has FDA approved limit of caffeine, so when you consume it, you don’t have to worry about the excessive limit of caffeine.

Like love cannot be demanded, you cannot shove more caffeine in the name of emptiness or poor performance, or depression.

Caffeine can be a miracle if taken within given guidelines. If you want your relationship to work with your partner, you need to work on it. And if you want Caffeine to boost and enhance your experience, you need to abide by certain rules leaving aside your personal emptiness and insecurities.

As they say, “Love is a marathon, not a sprint” and if you want to boost your running performance, Marathon 6AM RUN gives all that is required for long-lasting endurance and energy.

Breaking-Up (#brokenheart)

After spending some time, you realize that this person is not what you wanted in your partner.

You didn’t sign up for this…

You need to part ways, sooner than later…

Find that right person for you, because you deserve that.

With tens of thousands of caffeine products in the market, you need to choose carefully and very wisely.



Here are few things you need to check before you consume any caffeine product:

  • What kind of Caffeine does it contain? Natural or Synthetic – Natural is the best type of caffeine. Never go for Synthetic, because it has severe side effects in long term and can harm your body severely.
  • Where did they source caffeine from? If it is some shady place or they don’t give you proper details, chances are it can be contaminated caffeine.
  • What is the amount of caffeine in a single unit of product? This is important because you need to adjust the intake of that product accordingly to recommended FDA limits.
  • What do you feel after consuming the caffeine? If after having it a couple of times, you don't feel right about it - Healthwise. You need to switch to another product.

After analyzing all the above points, you need to decide whether you need to break up or continue with the existing type of caffeine you’re consuming. The sooner you realize, the better it is.

Marriage (aka Yes, I DO)

I know I KNOW! Marriage is DAMN hard…

Yes *M* word!

Marriage is a super difficult decision.

How do you know if he/she is the one?

There is no definite path here.

Few do's which can help you in better decision making can be:

Spending quality time with this person

Giving your 100% to the relationship.

Finding the right kind of chemistry that spark

Analyzing how he or she makes you feel about yourself and your life

There are hundreds of studies done on marriage, and frankly, it can be quite overwhelming to go through these studies. Where one contradicts others.

Then where to go?

It all boils down to one thing – Are you convinced that this is the right person for you?

Give it a thoughtful evaluation patiently. Give it some time.

If you feel good about the relationship.

Jump in.

Get Married (or maybe engaged first..LOL)

Now, when it comes to choosing your life long Caffeine partner. It can be a daunting task with so many options available in the market. Once you had tried a fair number of products, you need to decide what is good for you in terms of:

- Physical Performance

- Mental health

- Boosting your stamina and endurance  

- Good for weight loss

- Memory alertness

Depending on the above factors, you can bring that product into your life for daily consumption. #happilymarried

The best approach when it comes to your relationship with caffeine (just like your partner) is to use it as a support stimulant, do not depend on it. Like with everything dependency on anything is not good for long sustainable relationship. Find your balance with caffeine – the right product, the right amount, and the right time and you can enjoy the best benefits of it.

Conquer your mind and seize your heart with the right kind of caffeine product. 6AM Marathon is one such product that helps you achieve the best balance for all your caffeine-related

needs -- whether it is nutrition, stamina, long-lasting energy, endurance, muscle recovery - you have it all in one product. You don’t have to go through trials of fire and test thousands of products to find the right kind of caffeine for you.

6AM – Try it today!


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