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Dedication, Determination, Drive and The Love for Running, Helped Emmy Lose Almost 200 Pounds the All Natural Way. - 6AM RUN

Dedication, Determination, Drive and The Love for Running, Helped Emmy Lose Almost 200 Pounds the All Natural Way.

Dedication, Determination, Drive and The Love for Running, Helped Emmy Lose Almost 200 Pounds the All Natural Way.

Emmy Curigliano was 350 pounds in January of 2018. She was unable to do simple things like walk without taking breaks and she was tired of it. She wanted more out of her life and knew it was time to take initiative and make a change.

She started with a little walk. The next day she went a little further, and it continued that way. The baby steps led her to her successes today.

She did not follow any fad diets, did not have any weight loss surgeries and took no magic pills. She did it with a simple diet and exercise. She said that she just made sure to eat the correct amount of calories and keep up with an adequate amount of exercise. 

Her ironclad determination and unwavering consistency propelled her journey into far more than she ever imagined possible.

Her walks slowly turned to runs and she found a whole new passion for it.

Her first 5k ever was October of 2019. It was not an official race but she just simply wanted to see if she could do it. She did it with a sub 12 minute mile average pace. She was proud and this inspired her to really start running for real. After that run on her own she signed up for her first live 5k in March of 2020.

“Which was inevitably cancelled but running wasn’t cancelled!”

She has continued her running journey through the pandemic which led her to really buckle down in May when she got serious about setting some new goals. She started doing fun runs with her friends Lisa and Wendy in February of 2020. It was in May of 2020 that her friend Matt sent her a long video that really inspired her (David Goggins- STAY HARD: The Best of Motivation). Watching that video lit a spark in her to get more serious.

When Emmy started running, it just felt natural to her. “After progressing my walks, running just felt like the natural progression of the next thing to do.” She says she has always pressed the envelope with herself and really has the drive to keep going and continue to get better.

Her longest run so far is 7.25 miles but she plans to beat that soon!

She ran a 10k for her birthday this past September and hopes to hit a 15k by the end of 2020. Matt, the one who sent her the motivational video a few months prior, actually helped her train for her birthday 10k in September and she said she could not have done it without him! She hopes to be able to run a half marathon by spring of 2021 and hopes to eventually run a full marathon as well!

After a summer of training and hitting many PR’s she has gotten her 5k average down to a 9:13 pace! That run was powered by Raspberry Iced Tea Marathon which is her favorite 6AM Run product.

She first found the 6AM Run Facebook group which she loves. She randomly stumbled across the page in July when she was looking for a community of other people who are into running the way she is. That is exactly what she found. “I wanted to make my 10k birthday run as special as it could be. I really enjoy the community and environment the group offers. I even got over 300 likes on my birthday post in the Facebook group.” She knows how special that made her feel and how much it helped her so she makes it her goal now to try to be the biggest cheerleader in the 6AM Run Facebook group. 

After being in the group for a bit she saw everyone talking about the products which led her to trying them and now she loves them!

Emmy feels her discovery of 6AM Run products has helped really transition her running career.

She is now around 160 pounds. She has lost almost 200 pounds and she has done it the natural way with the help of her new found love for running.

When I asked her what her biggest motivator is she said, “Just being better than I was yesterday. Everyday it feels like I am just getting started. I just strive to be a little bit better than the day before.”

She often sees her memories pop up on Facebook and this just reinvigorates that motivation and drive to keep going.

She has come so far and continues to set new goals for herself.

Written By 6AM Writer & Sponsored Runner: Annie Noffsinger of Anniekayfitness.com Instagram- @anniekayfitness