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How Did We Get Here

How Did We Get Here

How Did We Get Here

Wilmington, DE


After College Soccer, & Adult Basketball leagues came to an end at the age of 30 for Delaware native Hami Mahani in 2010, the future 6AMRun.com CEO & Founder found a major void in his life. There was a feeling of heavy sadness. Wanting and still yearning for some form of serious physical fitness he began running every night after his corp. 8-5 job in "Marketing".


1 mile soon became 2, then 3, then 4 then finally 6 miles in under an hour. It became his meditation, therapy and JOY!


His loving wife Hitomi, kindly gestured that perhaps this can be done at 6AM, not 6PM so it wouldn't interfere with time spent as a family. That family includes Layla and Londyn his two daughters.


What Hami discovered was this 6AM Run had him MORE successful during his work day and THRIVING in all aspects of life. (For more on this story, download "Happy Hamster" Hami's "e" & Audio - Book")


Unfortunately a 6AM Run is not always easy.  At 35, Hami soon discovered there was a serious lack of nutritional, and pre-run formula's focused on CARDIO.


After extensive research in what a runners body needs, in 2018 6AMRun.com was launched. Their BEST Seller, an ALL IN ONE formula called "Marathon".


Today, 6AMRun.com has sold to a massive number of runners, has a variety of formulas/flavors and is the #1 Nutrition Company dedicated to running and cardio needs ONLY.


Follow Hami Mahani if you like at: www.Instagram.com/HydrateHero for more :)