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In this post we will share 6 running hacks which can make you a better runner in 2022. 

Outside of 6AMRun.com Nutritional Formulas, there is some easy additions to them that will help you!

However, it will take some work but that will not be much. Just small tweaks! Sounds good?

Then let’s get to it.

  1. Consistency

Just running few days a week isn’t enough to make you a better runner. I know life happens and you miss your runs sometimes, but it slowly becomes a trend.

You slowly start to get less regular. And you know what happens then? Your running performance declines!

And you maybe running hard on each runs but you are not regular.

So the first running hack will be consistency! And trust us, it is the biggest one.

To become a better runner this year, you have to run 5-6 times a week. You cannot skimp on that.

However, it doesn’t matter if you are running 2-3 km but at least you are running consistently. It makes the base of your running fitness wider and will keep you in tip top shape come the racing season.

Another bonus tip is to run more!

Yes, run more even if it is slower. You are teaching your body to handle the distance and later on you can start injecting some speed in your runs. Overall, you will be increasing your base fitness and from where you can build on.

If you are a half or full marathoner, aim for a weekly mileage of 40-70 km respectively. 

You can go + or – 5-10 km but you have to keep up the mileage. For ultrarunners like myself, keep the mileage beyond 60-70 km per week.

So when the time comes to prepare for a race, you have a solid foundation to start from.

  1. Warm Up

Most of the younger runners make this mistake of not warming up religiously. Trust us, so many are in that category too!

Take this analogy. Put a rubber band in freezer. Take it out after few hours and stretch it. 

What happens when you stretch it? It breaks! That’s how our muscles are in resting stage – they are cold.

If you have only 30-40 minutes in a day to run, then please take out 5-7 minutes for warming up before you hit the road or trail. It will make you less injury prone and will improve the quality of your run.

That means you will have better adaptations for the run you did. And that means you will progress as a runner!

And don’t do static stretching but you should be dynamically warming up.

Here is some resources to help you out.

  1. Running Form

Running form is one of the biggest way to improve your efficiency and improve your running every day. Aim to achieve maximum output with minimum input. And you will continue to grow as a runner.

  1. Cool Down

Most of us after a run, straight away get on with our busy lives. We forget or get lazy about cooling down.

If we don’t cool down after a run, our muscles are still tight after the effort. It needs to be brought back to a relaxed state.

If we don’t cool down, then our muscles will remain tight and less flexible, which in turn will affect our next run, because it is a major part of recovery.

Cool down for heavens sake! Do some stretching, some strength exercises to become a better athlete. The more stronger or recovered you are, the more you will be able to run!

  1. Core Strength

Core is like the trunk of a tree. The more solid the trunk, the stronger the tree!

Core includes your abs, hips and lower back. You have to strengthen them at least 3-4 times a week.

  1. Strides

What are strides? Strides are short bursts of speed running for 20-30 seconds. And it need not be all out sprints.

Do these strides at least 3-4 times a week. It can be done mid run after you have warmed up or can be done at the end of the run. Take adequate recovery time between each strides. Start doing 4-6 of them to start with.

6 strides of 30 seconds means that you will be running 3 minutes at a faster pace. And these are not very taxing on the body. Over a week of 4 days of 6 strides of 30 seconds, you would have done 12 minutes of faster pace. 

And gradually it starts adding up and you will become a faster and stronger runner. How cool is that!

Bonus Running Hack 

  1. Training partner/running group


Because it will make you accountable and keep you regular.

It will provide you motivation. If your partner is a better runner, that means you will also improve your speed over a period of time.

Plus you will never get bored to run. The chit chats about life, work and running will brighten up your runs. That’s for sure!