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6AM Run Shoe Drying System.

Introducing the TWO part Running Shoe Drying Kit/System! 


Utilize the SAFE, & Electric Inside Shoe Heater. Featuring 360 degree all rounded heat. It has BOTH Vertical and horizontal air-holes in cabinet to ensure an even distribution of heat. Plus a PTC heat generator, long lasting high temperature, AND precise temperature control to prevent over heating.


This kit ALSO comes with a smart design Running Shoe Dryer & Wash Bag! The bag has Elastic Straps perfect for drying shoes & eliminates tumbling noise & protects dryer from damages. 


This kit is perfect for:

  • Washing then DRYING your shoe with NO damage to your Washer/Dryer
  • Dry damp, sweaty, and wet sneakers/shoes.
  • Help prevent sneaker mold, and odors by immediately drying them after use




- Please place damp shoes into this shoes cabinet dryer. Slight damp shoes may take up to one hour for it to dry, and for wet shoes, it will take up more than three hours, otherwise you can leave the wet shoes in overnight for drying.

- 2,70 degree long lasting heat can be used to dry general material made shoes. However Please prohibit the use of this product on special material shoes.


*Avoid storing shoes with water inside into this product
**Do not allow children to play or use the electrical products
***Please place this product on the ground away from any flammable materials

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